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The Semi-annual Working Meeting Will Be Held On October 4, 2018

Date:2019-05-21Source:Ningbo Fuhua Valve CoAuthor:admin

In order to improve the quality consciousness of the operators, form a quality concept of self-inspection and mutual inspection, implement the company's management philosophy of "I am responsible for the burrs I manufacture, and I am responsible for the products I produce", and truly achieve quality control for all employees. The company held a deburring mobilization meeting on September 1, 2015. Heads of relevant functional departments, representatives of various departments, directors of workshops and team leaders, and some grassroots employees participated in this meeting.

The meeting focused on the theme "Glitch is scrap, deburring is rework", general manager Tian Zhongfu delivered an important speech, the heads of each functional department: Jiang Cheng, deputy chief engineer, Wang Weifeng, deputy chief engineer, and Nie Bing, manager of equipment power department, also do After making relevant speeches and clarifying the theme and related rules of the project, Xu Weiping, team and employee representatives read out the "Commitment" at the end of the meeting, and the meeting was a complete success.


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