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Corporate mission:Committed to fluid control, to create a safe and livable environment for human beings.

      With the world's famous fire, special equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers to jointly develop efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection fluid control components, jointly create a safe and livable environment for human beings.

Enterprise vision:To be a boutique enterprise

The essence of boutique refers to "five essence management", high-quality products are "to create the industry's first brand", together is to use the "five fine" management concept, to create the industry's first brand.

Five fine management is the enterprise's management activities to pursue fine, precise, precise, lean and exquisite. Five fine management core essence elaboration:

Fine management, details win:

The essential meaning lies in that it is a process of decomposing, refining and implementing strategies and objectives, a process of making the strategic planning of an enterprise effectively carry out every link and play a role, and an important way to improve the overall execution ability of an enterprise. That's the essence of her:Enterprises need to grasp the characteristics of product quality boutique, handle the relationship between quality boutique and zero defects, establish a system to ensure the formation of quality boutique, for enterprises to form the core competitiveness and establish a brand foundation. So is its precision:Where there are departments and links of division of labor and cooperation and before and after process relations within the enterprise, their cooperation and cooperation need to be precise; The suitability of the environment for the survival and development of enterprises needs to be precise, and the relationship between the institutions, customers and consumers associated with enterprises needs to be precise.

Precise management, step by step

Under the guidance of enterprise culture, it is people-oriented, adopts the most appropriate and most scientific management technology and means, carries out delicate and correct confirmation and accurate control of management elements such as management object, management process and management mechanism, and maximizes the hit ratio and accuracy of scientific management system.

Precise management, focus

Led by enterprise culture, based on man's initiative and superb skills, adopt the most appropriate means of science and technology, and management operation, precise control of operating points and important link, precise control process mechanism, the most efficiently discover management efficiency and operating resources efficiency, maximize the accuracy of the management and operation, maximize the approximation design goals, to realize the ideal results and the efficiency of scientific management system to maximize profits.

Lean management, the pursuit of perfection

People-oriented, enterprise culture as the lead, endless innovation of management mechanism and technical methods, boundless optimization of resource allocation, no limit to surpass others and beyond their own, sustainable innovation and creation, the pursuit of better and better management. Lean management "lean", refers to excellence, even better. In horizontal comparison with other enterprises and others, lean management pursues excellence to achieve "the best, the best and the best", which is to be the first, the first and the first. After surpassing others and reaching the leading "no. 1" position, lean management should surpass itself in the vertical direction, better and better, better and better, to achieve "better, better and better". The concept, spirit and action of lean management is to surpass everything from "most" to "more".

Exquisite management, harmonious development

People-oriented, with the enterprise culture as the leading, on the basis of fine, precise, precise and lean, the aesthetic evaluation into the management process and management methods, in the creation of material wealth at the same time, the exquisite management experience beauty, create beauty, in the management results of the harmonious and perfect human culture superb management. Exquisite management is the harmonious management of "truth, kindness and beauty" of  "human culture".

Core values:United, Pragmatic, Efficient Innovative

United:The success of an enterprise needs a team of employees with strong determination and high morale. The team spirit and the cohesion of the enterprise come from the atmosphere of unity and the spirit of cooperation.

      We advocate, "the enterprise will never compete with the employee!",Enterprises and employees are a community of interests and interdependent. Good employee satisfaction is one of the pursuits of enterprises;
      We advocate, the wine that we brew together, just have common savour! Socrates said: the beauty of the process is the true meaning of the beauty of life! We are proud of what we have achieved together in the past, but we should drink to the way we have come together!
      We advocate that all rich people are just part of a team, in which "more than four less" means "more tolerance and less censure"; Praise more, complain less; Communicate more and guess less; Trust more, distrust less, and truly understand and support each other.

Pragmatic:Pragmatism is the style of doing things, but also the code of conduct.

      We advocate the work style of being a real person and working steadfastly, and take this as a standard to measure the quality of talents.We are against all ostentation, hypocrisy and cheating.

Efficient:Especially refers to both the pursuit of high efficiency and the pursuit of good results, "double efficiency principle" is the basic guidelines to guide the work of employees.

      We pursue efficiency: "day matter day end, day clear day high!"
      We look for results: "I do the work, I promise!"

Innovative:Innovation ability is an important part of enterprise comprehensive competitiveness. The innovation ability of the enterprise comes from the innovation consciousness and learning ability of each employee. The company requires all employees to consciously develop a good atmosphere of hard learning knowledge, continuous improvement of skills, and the courage to reform and innovate. Complacent, conformist people will be eliminated by the development of the company. We will relentlessly pursue the renewal of concept, management and technology. Only innovation has vitality, only innovation has hope.

Talent view:Talent is the source of value creation

      The most valuable asset of an enterprise is talent. The core of talent management is incentive. The essence of incentive is to meet its needs enterprise value = resources * management * talent n,“n” for the labor enthusiasm of talents.

quality:Quality is the embodiment of character, quality is the starting point of dignity
Quality policy: people-oriented, customer first, continuous improvement, the pursuit of quality.

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